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Liiketuonti Oy was founded in 1959 as a private import company for machines and products of high standard. Liiketuonti Oy is represented throughout Finland by a dealer network consisting of more than 30 independent service/dealer firms. The product line consists merely of high quality well known brands like, Hoonved, Giga, Elframo, Neumärker, GGF, Omega and Isotrol.

The main functions of Liiketuonti Oy are importing, storing and selling professional equipment for restaurants and kitchens. The company is also selling the Isotrol rust protection sytem. The selling is carried out through the dealer network and also directly by the company. Liiketuonti Oy is situated in the capital region but operates throughout Finland.

High quality and flexible Customer Service through a wide coverage service network, consisting of more than 30 private and highly motivated service/dealer firms. The spare part stock of Liiketuonti Oy covers the need of day-to-day service.
The representations of Liiketuonti Oy are long-standing which gives the customer longterm usage of the equipment through guaranteed spare part service delivery.

A slim organisation and high solidity of Liiketuonti Oy as well as a dealer network consisting of private entrepreneurs leads to an efficient and low cost overall operation to the benefit of the customer.

Liiketuonti Oy represent solely high quality and well known products and brands. The representations are mostly longterm, more than ten or even twenty years long.